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AutoEntry lands in South Africa. Reducing paperwork and supporting digital-first strategy

February 26, 2018

We travelled to South Africa with QuickBooks, to speak with local businesses about how they can work more efficiently through automation and the cloud, as part of our official launch in the region. We are hosting webinars in September around how QuickBooks works with AutoEntry in South Africa. Register today to learn more about data entry automation. http://help.autoentry.com/autoentry-and-quickbooks

From Durban, to Cape Town to Johannesburg, we met accounting and bookkeeping practices of all shapes and sizes, looking to alleviate the pressures of administration in the back office, in order to become more productive and grow their business. We are now hosting webinars this September to show how AutoEntry works with QuickBooks in South Africa and how QuickBooks users can now start automating their data entry! You can register here.

According to research, global market spend of cloud-based technologies is forecasted to exponentially increase to $160bn by 2020. And as we expand our South African customer base, it’s great to work with so many practices evidently part of this momentum, with a digital-first strategy at the heart of operations. Indeed, with a growing population, new milestones reached in connectivity, and international corporate investment, the country is truly in the midst of a digital revolution.

These businesses are embracing mobile working and the cloud due to the inherent flexibility, efficiencies and strategic value, these technologies offer. With an agile IT infrastructure supporting their practice, users can become more productive, both in the office or on the move. And with automation balancing the books, management can differentiate themselves from competitors, with more resource to focus on offering higher quality, advisory-led services to customers.

To get started with AutoEntry, customers can click and connect via our app page in the QuickBooks marketplace. Following installation, customers can scan, email or take a photo of the document they want to capture, with the AutoEntry web or mobile app. AutoEntry extracts and analyses this data, and once completed, items will appear in the user’s inbox for them to approve and post into QuickBooks. Customers benefit from AutoEntry’s unique range of intelligent features, as well as our pay-as-you-use pricing plans, top-notch data security, and round-the-clock customer care.

Sounds too good to be true? We’ll let our customers speak for us. We now serve over 2,000 practices worldwide, and we’re excited to spend more time in the region, flexing our solution to accommodate new users striving to achieve their digital-first objectives in the months and years ahead.   

Contact us today to find out more about AutoEntry, or to start a free trial.