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Five ways AutoEntry will help you to work smarter

December 14, 2017

Since its launch almost two years ago, AutoEntry has fast become the go-to solution provider of choice; serving over 2,500 accounting practices worldwide, through which more than 38,000 businesses are set up on the platform.

AutoEntry is an intelligent, automated solution for accountants, bookkeepers and SMEs. It works by capturing and analysing scanned and photographed paper documents, automating data entry into a user’s accounting software. AutoEntry is also compliant with the changing legislation associated with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD). This is set to impact all UK businesses over the next three years, and those organisations with a turnover above the VAT threshold of £85,000, from 2019.  

Available as both a web and mobile app, AutoEntry helps businesses to work smarter and achieve more, principally due to its broad range of features which outshine other solutions in this space.

Here are five of them:   

  1. Flexible document capture: AutoEntry automates the capture of data from scanned and photographed images of bank and credit card statements - as well as purchase and sales invoices, receipts, expenses, bills and much more.
  2. Full line item detail: AutoEntry captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line.
  3. Purchase order matching: AutoEntry syncs captured invoices to matching, open purchase orders.
  4. Seamless partner integration: AutoEntry integrates seamlessly with all major accounting software providers, including Xero, QuickBooks, Reckon, KashFlow, Sage One, Sage 50, AccountsIQ and others.
  5. A secure platform: AutoEntry employs best practice security policies such as encryption across the platform; keeping your customer’s data, and your own, secure at all times.

As well as being the smartest solution out there, with its flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing plans, AutoEntry is also the most cost effective. Users only pay for the documents they upload onto the platform, as needed month by month. And adding more client companies or employees incurs no extra fees.

Through our range of intuitive features we’re helping more businesses to benefit from not only eliminating direct data entry related costs of provisioning their service to SME clients, but also in terms of service turnaround times, workflow visibility, document collection, employee engagement and more.

So join us today and find out why so many businesses are now choosing AutoEntry.