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Getting ready for QuickBooks Connect: Digital tips for managing your time at events

October 29, 2018

It’s not long to go until the AutoEnty team jet off to QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, where we look forward to an action-packed few days; meeting up with our friends at QuickBooks and showing attendees how they can work faster and achieve more, by automating their bookkeeping data entry.

We look forward to all QuickBooks events, however, when you attend any conference, it’s an investment of your time, so it’s important to plan ahead and think about what you want to achieve from going. Digital tools help to simplify so many aspects of our lives, and the right apps can also help attendees to maximise their time at events. Here are some examples:   

Check the app store. Many larger conferences will offer a mobile app, which is a convenient way to refer to the event agenda throughout the day. These apps will highlight the speaker schedule, as well as important information regarding location and registration; how to sign up for workshops and any other opportunities or competitions delegates can get involved with.

Get social. Communicating via Twitter or Facebook is a great way to engage both with the event organisers and your target audience. Monitoring news feeds on these social networks in the run up to events may offer helpful insights on who else may be attending, allowing you to set up meetings or connect with others in advance.

On the day itself, sharing posts with images and videos will gain greater traction than just text, and you could also tweet quotes from keynote speakers, using the official event hashtag for optimum visibility. If you’re managing more than one account, e.g. your work account and personal account, social management apps like Hootsuite can help you to schedule posts.   

Leave your notepad at home. When you attend events, it’s important to take clear notes so that you can brief colleagues back in the office on the highlights. As the representative of your firm, it will be your job to extract the maximum value from your time there and communicate any relevant messaging. Having detailed notes to refer to will also be useful when remembering any actions or follow up calls you may need to make afterwards.

Whilst some may think it’s easier to scribble notes on the go, it can actually be more effective to use apps like Evernote, which records notes for you, syncing with your laptop so you can easily organise your files and share them with colleagues when you’re back at your desk.  

Connect with other delegates. With thousands of people in attendance on the day, reach out to anyone you may be interested in meeting before the event to secure their time. There are plenty of opportunities for networking at events, so try and fit in as many meaningful conversations as possible. And, if you’ll be at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, don’t forget to join us at an exclusive PreCon party on November 4th, but be quick, as tickets are limited and on a first come first served basis!

Elsewhere, use LinkedIn as well as other networking tools to help you to get in touch with professionals working in similar industries, and to more easily remember those who you meet. A helpful rundown of some of the best networking apps for 2018 can be found online here.

Attending QuickBooks Connect? Get in touch to book a demo with AutoEntry.