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Join the paper free revolution this Earth Day

April 21, 2017

Tomorrow is Earth Day, an international civic observance to drive awareness on the topics of environmentalism and climate change. Founded in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow in influence, as it mobilises millions worldwide to work together and live responsibly.

Drawing attention to deforestation is a key objective for Earth Day, bringing communities together to replant trees in order to help compensate for the 7bn cut down each year. Among many other socio-economic factors, this is to feed the global demand for paper, at school, at home and in the office. In fact, our reliance on paper is growing at such a rate, that the average office worker uses in excess of 10,000 pieces of paper per year. Yet with only 4bn hectares of rainforest thought to be remaining worldwide, it’s an obvious concern, and a warning to us all that things must change. So it’s great to see movements like Earth Day help shine a spotlight on these important issues.

With the growth of artificial intelligence and automation, more businesses are adopting digital and cloud-based technologies, and in so doing, reducing their consumption of paper. As well as decluttering their office and helping the environment, businesses are becoming more agile; driving valuable operating efficiencies, improving accountability and predictability, while reducing cost, inconsistency and risk.

Here at AutoEntry, our goal is to be part of the movement, by providing software which helps accountants and bookkeepers automate their bookkeeping processes and make them paperless. AutoEntry eliminates bookkeeping data entry by capturing and analysing details from scanned and photographed invoices, receipts, bank and card statements and inputs them directly into a user’s accounting software. Having posted the data to a user’s accounts software, the solution can act as your online filing cabinet, storing your documents for as long as you need – retrievable at the touch of a button. By using automated data entry technologies like AutoEntry, business no longer need to print, store, photocopy, or process reams of paper documents by hand anymore, reducing the burden of paperwork and supporting both the paperless office and their digital strategy in the long term.  

So to celebrate Earth Day this year, think twice before printing, posting and photocopying documents unnecessarily. Ask for your receipts and bank statement to be emailed to you where possible, and consider using an automated bookkeeping solution to not only help eliminate the time and cost of manual data entry, but to help your office go green and reduce its consumption of paper.