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Meet us at Accounting Business Expo #ABE 2019!

March 12, 2019

The AutoEntry team will return to Accounting Business Expo (ABE) in Sydney to show accountants and bookkeepers how to work more efficiently by eliminating their manual data entry. We love being part of ABE, as it allows us to meet a wide variety of professionals from around the country. We also get to hear the success stories of those who are strategically applying technology in the back office to spend more time on practice growth.

It’s great that so many accountants and bookkeepers in Australia and beyond, are driving business transformation with smart solutions. But not everyone has embraced digital working, and for those at the start line, it can seem overwhelming to know where, or when to begin - meaning that workflow automation can often be deprioritised. Those with a highly automated practice are pulling ahead of their more traditional counterparts, in terms of profitability and growth. With that in mind, here are some warning signs that it’s time to automate more areas of your practice, and fast:

  1. Time spent on manual processes is preventing you from taking on new clients for a certain service. For instance, manual data entry related to bookkeeping  

  1. You’re losing business to firms with a more advanced cloud accounting or bookkeeping offering

  1. Working manually has led to errors or omissions being made. For example, when filing payments, issuing proposals or entering financial data into accounting software

  1. You need to hire additional staff to help with paperwork. Or you’re outsourcing certain functions at a significant cost

  1. New customers and millennial clients tell you that they prefer to work digitally

  1. Too much paperwork/admin is causing your team to work overtime

  1. Employees are frustrated with manual processes. And manual working is detracting from time which could be spent on more important activities

  1. Employees increasingly need, or want to work remotely and in the cloud     

  1. Your office space is cluttered and/or disorganised with client files and paper documents  

  1. You need to keep digital records to comply with new areas of legislation (e.g. the EU GDPR)

Fueling your practice with automation

If some, or all of the points above sound applicable to you, now is the time to invest in automation. By supporting your practice with the right automated software, you’ll be able to devote more time to service delivery and growth. Crucially, you’ll be able to evolve as a practice and keep up with important changes in the industry, ensuring that you stay relevant and competitive in years to come.

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If you’re attending Accounting Business Expo, visit our stand to find out how you can work smarter with AutoEntry, by eliminating manual data entry in your practice.

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