On The Road

Meet us at the H&R Block National Franchise Convention

October 24, 2018

Later this week, we’ll be travelling to ‘Music City’ or Nashville, Tennessee, to exhibit at H&R Block’s upcoming event for associates, clients and franchisees.

As part of this event, H&R Block wants to, “provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere.” The event will offer a mix of informative on stage presentations, breakout sessions and a chance to meet with digital service providers and H&R Block partners in the exhibition hall. And if you’re attending the conference, you’ll be able to meet us there as well, as we’ll be one of the exhibitors on the day!

Eliminating manual data entry, one practice at a time

Our purpose is to help accounting and tax professionals become more productive by eliminating manual data entry. Anyone who has found themselves burning the midnight oil manually typing up information into their accounting software, knows what a chore bookkeeping data entry can be. It takes hours to do by hand and eats up time you could be spending with clients or on other more important activities. If you work in a larger practice, there may be several members of staff solely focused on data entry. And if you calculate how many hours they spend just on this, you might be not-so pleasantly surprised to find how much it adds up!   

Not only is manual data entry expensive and inefficient, it’s also far more prone to error. And after all of that time spent typing up information from bank statements and invoices, it can be incredibly frustrating to find discrepancies creeping into your clients’ accounts at the end of the month.

We couldn’t be without email, smartphones, laptops - or cloud accounting. So with mobile apps and IT solutions, simplifying so much of our working lives already, isn’t it about time that you automated your bookkeeping data entry as well?  

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