On The Road

Musings from our travels

April 5, 2017

Earlier this month we travelled to Australia and toured the length and breadth of the country to meet with our partners, soak up the sunshine, and attend several industry events, including Accounting Business Expo and this year’s Reckon “RAP” Conference.

There was such a positive atmosphere at these gatherings, and we were excited to meet so many professionals eager to embrace technological innovation in their respective businesses. It brought to mind a recent piece of research, the Global Innovation Index and an annual report by INSEAD, which seeks to measure innovation, an entity it considers to be a major contributing factor of economic growth and development. of economic growth and development. Commentary from the report states that “realising success” in today’s disruptive

Traditional bookkeeping and the manual data entry of paper documents such as receipts, invoices and bank statements, for instance, are at odds with the ethos of these forward looking firms. For them, now is the time to archive these practices, swapping long days typing up data with smart tools to automate data extraction at the flick of a switch. By using these technologies they’re seeing a knock on effect to their bottom line, allowing management to use the time saved to focus on wider business strategy, improving services and customer retention.  

It was encouraging to hear so many of these success stories and even better to know that AutoEntry has been a key component in these achievements. AutoEntry has made a huge impact on the market since its inception and we’re delighted to serve a growing number of Australian based accountants and bookkeepers. It’s an exciting time for us as we support our customers in embracing technological innovation in order to grow faster and achieve more. We’ll be returning in the near future to continue to build our network in the region. Watch this space!

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