Product Updates

Product Updates: January 2019

January 16, 2019

We're pleased to announce some great new features to open 2019! Keep any eye out over the next month as there's more to come.

Additional automation for sales invoices:
First change is that the 'Company Suppliers/Vendors' has now changed to Company Contacts. Small change on the outside but it now contains your full list of Customers as well as Suppliers/Vendors. This means we can now properly remember the settings you choose for Sales invoices (Nominal Category and Tax code) and automatically populate them going forward.

Default tracking now offered for suppliers:
While updating the Contact Settings section we've added some updates for Supplier/Vendor settings for Purchase invoices/bills. When remembering or setting the default Nominal and VAT code you can now also save a Default Tracking Category too, effectively setting a default tracking category per supplier.

Credits overdraft increased to two months:
We've also made a small update to our subscriptions for the better! Many customers complained about running out of credits just before the renewal date having used all the overage/overdraft on their account and not wanting to change the subscription each month.

So we've extended the overage/overdraft to 2 (two) months worth of credits meaning you can continue to use AutoEntry in one month up to twice your subscription level beyond what you have subscribed to. As usual, these credits are simply added to your next renewal at the same rate as your subscription meaning we don't even charge you extra for using the feature, it just makes it easier for you to keep working not worry about running out of credits when you're at your busiest.

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