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Webinar - Planning for Automation: How to do More With Less

September 25, 2020

How to embrace automation and make life easier

Joe Griffin

As we’ve discussed more than once here at the AutoEntry blog, automation can be an accountant’s best friend. 

We understand that it can be intimidating for some, which is why we’re always compiling or finding resources to help you get started. 

On that note, this new webinar from Accounting Web will bring you through the process of embracing automation to make your working life easier. 

In Planning for Automation: How to do More With Less, Geni Whitehouse, CPA. CITP, CSPM talks to Tom Port, VP of Sales for AutoEntry. 

This talk and will cover (among other subjects): 

  • Where to start 
  • Communicating in a covid age 
  • And specific tools for dealing with clients, staff and operations 

Geni and Tom are both experts in their field as well as being skilled, passionate communicators, making for an engaging, informative conversation.

You can catch the webinar here. 

Joe Griffin