Automate data entry for all your forensic accounting cases

AutoEntry is the data capture app that accelerates forensic accounting workflows. Upload a bank statement, extract the data and quickly get to analysis.

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Benefits for Forensic Accountants

Save hours entering transactions

Rather than typing out your client's transactions, you can simply submit a bank statement and export a spreadsheet of the individual line items.

Conceptual illustration - how AutoEntry helps to get realtime data

Eliminate manual errors

AutoEntry uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture the data from your client’s bank statement. Each extraction is verified for accuracy so you can be confident your data is error-free.

Conceptual illustration. How AutoEntry helps to create better processes, from paper receipt to screen.

Accelerate your workflow

Data entry automation reduces the time it takes gather transactions and get them into a usable format. Get to analysis work faster, do more in less time and take on more cases.

Conceptual illustration. Automate your data entry for validation and accuracy.

How it works

A conceptual illustration representing how you capture and submit documents into AutoEntry.

1. Submit

Upload a digital bank statement via

If you have a physical copy, simply scan the paper document, save the file, and upload it to AutoEntry.

A conceptual illustration representing how you categorize your documents in AutoEntry

2. Review

AutoEntry extracts and verifies the transaction data.

Once the processing is complete you can review the extraction in AutoEntry. All uploads are securely stored within AutoEntry so you can reference them whenever you need to.

A conceptual illustration representing how you publish your documents from AutoEntry into your accounting software

3. Download

Export the data to a spreadsheet.

If everything looks good, simply select a spreadsheet format from the dropdown list. AutoEntry creates a file with each individual transaction broken out that you can use for your analysis.

AutoEntry has been a game changer for our practice! As forensic accountants, our work involves a thorough analysis of bank statements. With AutoEntry, we can perform more complete and accurate analysis in a fraction of the time previously spent on manual data input.

Cathryn Hammer, Forensic Accountant Manager, Stegner McFarlin CPAs
Cathryn Hammer


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