Eliminate manual data entry for Your Practice.

Save time and improve efficiencies, so you can focus on better serving your clients.

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Conceptual illustration. Automate your data entry for validation and accuracy.

Benefits for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Less paper, less manual data entry, better processes

AutoEntry ensures a smoother process from start to finish, as data entry, graft and even paper are drastically reduced.

AutoEntry improves how you work with your clients. This means far less time spent on the data collection and processing and a lot more time advising clients on their finances.

Conceptual illustration. How AutoEntry helps to create better processes, from paper receipt to screen.

The important information, when you need it

Catch good news and bad news early on; whether that’s misfiling, good opportunities or something else. Stop struggling to get to trial balance. No more waiting for tax deadlines or bad news to act!

AutoEntry allows you to give advice and information to your clients in a more timely manner.

Conceptual illustration - how AutoEntry helps to get realtime data

Faster and more accurate than manual data entry

Delegate the data entry to automation, making for a more efficient, accurate and lean workplace. 

Use the time to focus on more meaningful and fruitful work, whether that's advising clients, building your business or working on strategy.

Conceptual illustration. Automate your data entry for validation and accuracy.

Better data and processes lead to better conversations 

With less time spent on data entry and chasing documents, you’ll have more time to focus on analysis and conversations with clients. 

These conversations are an opportunity for you to share your expertise and knowledge with clients.

Conceptual illustration. Automate your data entry for validation and accuracy.

How it works

Many of my clients show up in the middle of tax season with a stack of bank statements. I used to pay an assistant to input all the numbers and inevitability there was a number missing or a mistake. That was before I discovered AutoEntry… ‍ Now, I just scan the bank statements into the software and it categorizes all the numbers automatically. I love it!

Andres Santos, EA, Manager, Lopez Tax Service
Andres Santos

How it works

A conceptual illustration representing how you capture and submit documents into AutoEntry.

1. Capture

Choose your invoice, receipt or bank statement and photograph, scan or upload it.

Submit your document through to AutoEntry, which will verify your data and pass it back to you.

AutoEntry is extremely accurate when it comes to interpreting and sourcing information from your documents. You will not find a competing software that’s better at line item capture.

A conceptual illustration representing how you categorize your documents in AutoEntry

2. Categorize

The next step is to place that document in the correct category.

AutoEntry is filled with neat features that will help you to automate the categorization of your documents.

Every feature you use will reduce the amount of manual intervention, cutting down on errors and drastically reducing time spent on manual data entry.

A conceptual illustration representing how you publish your documents from AutoEntry into your accounting software

3. Publish

"Publishing" means moving your data onto your accounts software.

When you have captured and categorized your documents, all you need to do is click on the publish button! Now, processing begins.

Processing times are fast, and the more you use it, the faster it gets. AutoEntry has reliable integrations with just about every accounting software. Introduce AutoEntry into your processes and your workflow will get faster, easier and more accurate almost immediately.

Connecting to your account software is easy with AutoEntry

AutoEntry works in harmony with QuickBooks software, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

AutoEntry was created to integrate easily and seamlessly with Xero.

Integrating AutoEntry with Sage is a smooth, simple, user-friendly process.

Pricing for Accountants & Bookkeepers

AutoEntry has created a pricing structure that reflects the diversity of its clients. Choose the pricing structure that suits you.


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Smart, accurate, automated.
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