Eliminate manual data entry for Your Practice.

Save time entering transactions, so you can focus on better serving your clients.

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How it works
  • Data Entry

    Clients scan invoices and receipts into AutoEntry using their mobile phone or email.

  • Data Validation

    Data is extracted from uploaded and scanned documents and checked for errors.

  • Software Automation

    AutoEntry automatically posts the verified data via a journal entry in your accounting software.

  • Save time

    No more inputting transactions. AutoEntry extracts the data from invoices, receipts, bank statements and more. 99% of documents require no manual edits.

  • Ensure Accuracy

    Automation means you don’t have to worry about manual typos. AutoEntry verifies each extraction and checks for errors. 

  • Keep up to date

    With immediate entry you get an always-updated view of your client’s business.

Integrates across multiple accounting platforms

AutoEntry connects seamlessly with Sage Business Cloud Accounting, the only solution available en Español. World-class customer support comes standard.

AutoEntry captures and submits documents into Xero with near-perfect accuracy. Includes automated line item and bank statement extraction.

Also connects with Quickbooks, Sage 50 and more

Accounting professionals love using AutoEntry...
AutoEntry has been a complete game changer for our business

One of the biggest pains was the box of receipts and bank statements clients would bring during tax time. Preparing a return could take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days. With AutoEntry, we’ve cut this down to 20 to 45 minutes. AutoEntry also provides us a clean set of financials to present to the client and upsell them on monthly bookkeeping services. 
Jose Zavala
CEO/Founder, LatinX Training Centers

All plans include unlimited free users. Edit your plan anytime. Unused credits roll over for 3 months.

  • Bronze

    50 credits
  • Silver

    100 credits
  • Gold

    200 credits
  • Platinum

    500 credits

*exact monthly pricing may change based on transaction volume, number of credits used

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