Looking back at our Earth Month Competition

Joe Griffin
Joe Griffin

April was Earth Month, which is an important time of the year for us in AutoEntry. We believe in the urgency of tackling climate change and pollution, and we put this belief into practice with our product, service and our awareness campaigns. 

For Earth Month 2021, we ran a series of practical blog posts, outlining the urgency of Earth Month, how to cut workplace energy use and how to run a paperless business.

Additionally, we ran our #GoGreenwithAutoEntry campaign, where we asked colleagues, customers and the wider community what they did as individuals to help our planet. The first 100 entries got a seed kit from and the winner got a €500 Amazon voucher. (AutoEntry colleagues were encouraged to take part but weren’t eligible for the prizes.) The wide range of answers were inspiring, clever and, in some cases, very inventive. 

Contributing across Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, suggestions included…

  • Watering plants in the evening instead of during the day 
  • Buying in bulk to cut down on packaging 
  • Re-using children’s clothes (in one case, a single onesie was worn by five different siblings when each of them were babies)

In one case, we even got a recipe for dandelion honey!   

  • 100g of yellow dandelion heads 
  • Soak overnight with some lemon slices 
  • Drain the flowers. 
  • Weigh the liquid 
  • Add the same weight of sugar and heat until thickened like syrup. 
  • Bottle and leave to clear. 
  • Acts like and can be used as honey

Outside of the competition, AutoEntry colleagues were excited to share their stories across social media. Account Executive Jack Ledlie was so enthusiastic and heartening that we ended up writing a whole blog post about him. He told us about how he creates and sells art with the proceeds going to environmental causes. He also recruits friends for beach cleanups and plants trees in his spare time.

On the competition side, the winning entry came from Nivash Lalloo, who enlisted his dog to help him collect plastic every time he goes to the park. 

“Milse saving the planet one bottle at a time. Every trip to the park she removes at least plastic bottle left by a litter bug. We have decided to help her out by collecting plastic bottles with her for recycling that are continuously discarded by inconsiderate park goers.”

For inspiring and practical stories, search the hashtag #gogreenwithautoentry. And thank you to everyone who took part in Earth Month. As our colleague Jack said, “I am just one person and there's only so much one person can do. But if everyone made a tiny contribution, we can make a massive change collectively.” 

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