Meet Jack: What one AutoEntry colleague is doing for the Environment

Joe Griffin
Joe Griffin

As part of Earth Month, we’ll be talking about sustainability and what we can do as individuals and businesses to help our planet.

For inspiration on how one person can make a difference, look no further than our own Jack Ledlie.

Jack, a 26 year old account executive for AutoEntry, is passionate about the world we share, and he’s finding out firsthand how much difference one person can make.

When he’s not planting trees, raising money for environmental causes and volunteering, he’s drafting his friends into cleanup projects. 

“I’ve always loved the planet,” says Jack, whose interest turned into action “at the beginning of lockdown.” 

It initially coincided with his other passion - art: “I was wondering how I could make a difference. I set up a business selling my artwork, with all of the money going to environmental charities and volunteering opportunities.” 

Jack sells his artwork via Instagram. “I've always loved art and the environment. I work with mixed media, but I’m mainly a painter.” 

He hopes he can raise money to visit places where he can volunteer. “I am currently looking at volunteering opportunities in Africa, the Amazon and Costa Rica to help in endangered wildlife reserves, rescue sanctuaries and [animal] survival and rehabilitation shelters.” 

Closer to home, Jack has made numerous everyday steps for a healthier planet. “I’m now about sustainable eating; promoting locally bought food to reduce the carbon footprint.” 

He also plants trees, leaving a legacy for himself and as a tribute to loved ones. “Throughout lockdown I went to lots of woodland areas and planted lots of trees. With one particular pyrus tree, I planted it near my house and it has my dad’s ashes in it. It’s nice to plant a tree in his memory, which he’ll like. All those flowers [from seeds dropped by the tree] are my dad, and he’s feeding local animals and bees.”

Jack's Instagram account includes painting and photography work

Additionally, Jack is an ambassador for Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and his recruitment drive has already begun. “They’re sending me equipment for me to clean a beach with them. All my friends I talk to are going to help me at the beach when I get my equipment. We already go litter picking together. I get all my friends involved.” 

Even Jack’s work is connected to his environmental interests. AutoEntry is a key tool in moving businesses to digital and slashing their paper use (as we discussed in this article). ““When I first started, that information about paper [reduction] stuck with me,” says Jack. “And the reduced paper is a big selling point when I talk to clients.” 

The past year, Jack believes, has changed public perception of sustainability. “I think covid has opened people’s eyes as to understanding how fragile the planet is,” he says. “It’s become a lot more of a common discussion. It’s getting a lot more mainstream but we have a long way to go.”

So, having raised money for conservation causes, personally planted several trees and recruited other people to join him in cleanup efforts, it’s been an eventful year for Jack. 

“I am just one person and there's only so much one person can do. But if everyone made a tiny contribution, we can make a massive change collectively.” 

Find out more about Jack’s work on the Earth Art instagram page

Tell us how you’re trying to make a positive impact and you could be in with a chance to win prizes that help you forge a greener future. 

The first 100 people to enter get a seed kit from our friends at and the top prize is a €500 Amazon voucher. You can join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn with the hashtag #GoGreenWithAutoEntry and tag us to let us know you're taking part - @autoentry.  

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