How to get every last client over to digital

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For accountants and bookkeepers, what’s required to move clients over to digital can vary wildly.

But it's already become vital. With the introduction of worldwide digital tax initiatives—like Making Tax Digital in the UK—it's also unavoidable.

In our one-of-a-kind guide written exclusively for accountants and bookkeepers, we discuss all the steps and considerations required to move your entire client base over to digital. You'll learn how to move all kinds of clients, regardless how reticent they are to make changes.

In the pages of How to Get Every Last Client Over to Digital, you'll learn about:

  • The real-world benefits of moving clients to digital.
  • How communication and listening are the first step.
  • Points of resistance to going digital, and how to overcome them.
  • Training and education.
  • Project managing clients over to digital: A step-by-step guide.

An excerpt from How to get Every Last Client Over to Digital:

"Accountants with digital-savvy clients enjoy better communications, more legally compliant clients (especially if you’re UK based, with Making Tax Digital requirements) and more timely filing of data from clients.

"Moving clients to digital also makes it easier for your business to scale. If communication is streamlined and much of the accounts admin is automated, you can scale your practice without scaling your costs at the same rate.

"Your clients might be harder to convince, as they may be sceptical of the benefits and the importance of changing how they do things.

"At the early stages especially, it’s important to try to avoid jargon. Don’t discuss technical phrases, either from the world of accounting or software.

"Instead, focus on the results. Focus on the benefits that your client may not be aware of.

"Some clients are reticent to make any kind of changes. Some prefer a particular way of doing things that might not be aware of.

"Bring emotional benefit into the conversation. Talk about how much time they spend on data entry or looking for a lost file or invoice. Ask them if they’d rather spend the time on their business."

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