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Auto-publish on your software of choice, train AutoEntry to remember formats and documents and sync captured invoices to matching open purchase orders.

AutoEntry is a machine that's simple to use, but with many moving parts. The more you use it, the more neat, handy and clever features emerge.

Below, you'll find a selection of some of our most popular features.

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AutoEntry allows for multiple ways of submitting data for extraction: from simply uploading a document to the AutoEntry website, to taking a picture via the mobile app, utilising the unique email addresses or using the fetching module.

AutoEntry can accurately extract data from receipts, invoices, bills, expenses, supplier statements and bank statements.


Simply upload documents to AutoEntry by selecting a document from your File Manager, or drag and drop files from your computer. 

The upload option is available for all document types; receipts, invoices, bills, expenses, supplier statements and bank statements.

More about uploading documents can be found here.


Are documents sent to your email address? Easily forward these files to the unique email addresses assigned to your account, and AutoEntry will do the rest!

You can also share the unique email addresses with your suppliers, and they can simply send your invoices or supplier statements directly to AutoEntry.

More about emailing documents can be found here.

Mobile app

The mobile app is the simplest way of getting documents in to AutoEntry! Have an invoice, receipt or an expense in paper format in front of you? Simply take a picture and it will be sent directly to your AutoEntry account for extraction

More about the mobile app can be found here.



Now that all your relevant documents are within AutoEntry, all you have to do is categorise them and they will be ready to be published through to your accounting software, or they will be available for download in an export format suitable to you.

Once your AutoEntry account is connected to your accounting software, we will pull in all of the supplier and customer accounts, your VAT codes and the chart of accounts.

Categorise the documents available within AutoEntry as you wish, and teach AutoEntry ‘rules’ so you don’t have to do it again!

Auto-suggested suppliers

If you have yet to teach AutoEntry ‘rules’, AutoEntry will make a smart suggestion for a supplier account, based on the accounts pulled in from your accounting software, or manually uploaded by you. If you agree with the suggestion, this can be taught to AutoEntry, and it becomes a ‘rule’.

Little moments of intuition will make your use of AutoEntry smoother, faster and more accurate.

More about suggested suppliers can be found here.

Auto-suggested VAT codes

Similarly, as with auto-suggested suppliers, if you have yet to teach AutoEntry ‘rules’, AutoEntry will make an educated suggestion of a VAT code that should be assigned to the extracted document, and if you are satisfied with the suggestion, it becomes a ‘rule’ and you won’t have to categorise the document in the future.

More about auto-suggested VAT codes can be found here.


Once you have categorised a document once, you can teach this as a ‘rule’ to AutoEntry, meaning the same categorisation can be applied to the document by AutoEntry each subsequent time, without any human intervention.

You can teach AutoEntry multiple ‘rules’ to allow AutoEntry to become smarter, and it will remember each ‘rule’ that you have set.

More about rules can be found here.



You have uploaded the document to AutoEntry, AutoEntry has extracted the data, you have categorised the documents as you wish, taught AutoEntry a ‘rule’ or two, and now you are ready to either send the documents through to your accounting software, or export the documents in a format best suited to you.


AutoEntry connects with just about any leading accounting software, and makes it really simple to send the data over by simply clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

More about publishing can be found here.
Check out the range of accounting software that we integrate with here.


Now that you have taught AutoEntry ‘rules’ of how you would like your documents to be categorised every subsequent time in the future, you can also teach AutoEntry to automatically publish the document to your accounting software. This means that the only thing you have to do is upload the document to AutoEntry and we will do the rest!

More about auto-publishing can be found here.

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