Small and medium businesses

Take the pain out of data entry.

The fastest way to capture, categorise and publish financial documents through to accounts software.

AutoEntry integrates seamlessly with accounting software

Better together—and easy to setup! It takes just a few minutes to connect AutoEntry with the following leading providers.

Benefits for SMEs

No more manual input

AutoEntry grabs all the vital data from financial and accounting documents and publishes the info straight to accounting software.

Free-up resources

With the data entry taken care of, you or your staff get back time to do what you do best.

No more paperwork!

Data entry automation means you process paperwork as you get it. No need to hoard it in your wallet, glove box, or filing cabinet!

Improved accuracy

Automated data entry avoids any risk of mistyping. In fact, AutoEntry users benefit from up to 99% accuracy.

Say goodbye to manual data entry

You didn't start your business because you love paperwork. Let AutoEntry lighten the load.

  • Integrate AutoEntry with just about any other software.

  • Send that data to your accountants or software of choice.

  • More accurate and more efficient than manual data entry

Why automate?

Embracing automation makes working life easier. Here's how.

  • Get your data entry done faster.

  • Enjoy more accurate accounting: automation doesn't get bored and make mistakes.

  • Go paperless! Say goodbye to reams of receipts and boxes of invoices.

“AutoEntry has exceeded our expectations. It’s helped reduce the time taken to process paper documents by approximately 80 percent.”
Shelley Lingo
GCT Technology & Accounting

AutoEntry app

Scan, snap and upload on the go

  • Upload your data from mobile. Instead of a scanner or email, take snaps!

  • A marvel for remote working. Say goodbye to paper documents and receipts.

  • Simplify accounting—the app makes it easier for clients to get data to accountants instantly and electronically.

Smart, accurate, automated.

Get started with AutoEntry in minutes. No credit card required. Cancel whenever you want.
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