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The AutoEntry Mobile App: scan, snap and send on the go

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AutoEntry’s mobile app makes business easier, whether you’re on the move or you’re dealing with someone who is. 

The app allows you to upload, snap and scan receipts and invoices on the move. Not only is this a faster, leaner way to do business, but it also cuts down on the handling, storing and transportation of paper documents.

Benefits to Business Owners

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Say goodbye to clutter

No more accumulating receipts, filling your desk with paper documents and keeping track of reams of paper.

With AutoEntry mobile app, just snap that piece of paper, upload to AutoEntry and you're done.

This is especially handy for people who accumulate paperwork, like dockets, invoices or receipts, on the road.

Conceptual illustration. How AutoEntry helps you to reduce the amount of paper that you use.

Digitize your documents, on the go!

Paperwork in transit can be a nuisance, and there's only so much room in wallets, glove compartments or laptop bags.

Once you've snapped and uploaded that receipt and invoice, every piece of data will be safely stored in accounting software or documents of your choice. You can even get it to your accountant from your app.

Conceptual illustration. Showing the benefits of digitizing your documents.

Admin just got easier

Whether your team is working remotely or working on the road, centralizing data entry can be a challenge. And nobody likes facing a mountain of data entry when they return to their desk.

If you get a receipt on the road or a remote office, snap and upload it instantly. When you finally get to your desk, much of your data entry will already be done.

Get info from your clients almost instantly

With paper documents, even the most reliable and efficient of clients are hampered by having to store and deliver paperwork to you.

With AutoEntry's mobile app, getting data from your clients, whether it's receipts, invoices bank statements, has never been easier for them or for you.

Conceptual illustration. How AutoEntry helps you to get your clients data into their accounts software very quickly.

Far more precise than the manual alternative

AutoEntry leads the industry when it comes to dependable, accurate data capture.

AutoEntry learns and adapts to spending and income patterns from recurring suppliers. In fact, it can identify and flag anomalies. This greatly reduces instances of human error.

Conceptual illustration. How your clients data will be far more accurate if you use AutoEntry.

Spend less time chasing information, more time chatting to clients

Getting to trial balance is more time consuming than it has to be.

Stop spending time on data entry and chasing paperwork, and instead use that time to share your expertise and insight with your clients.

Conceptual lllustration -  how using AutoEntry will change how you work with your clients… for the better.
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“The mobile app works like a charm, and lets us snap receipts and bills on the move, and to monitor the progress of items uploaded onto the platform when we’re out of the office.”

Alison Edward, Founder, Simply Balanced Solutions
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