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Building a tool that will make your working life easier is at the very heart of every meeting we have. We are not looking to build an alternative to other products, we are trying to innovate every day. We enjoy what we do, we have fun, but we work really hard.

Our values

AutoEntry’s values apply to our product, our customer service and our own colleagues. They are:

  • Provide a cutting edge product that makes working life easier

  • Show that we care for our customers by investing in world-class, always-on, dedicated customer service

  • Push to innovate and find opportunities for improvement in our product and service

  • Maintain a fun, exciting and nourishing working environment that encourages our colleagues to thrive and grow

  • Take pride in being a professional, ethical organisation that’s a positive presence in the world


We have 5000+ Accounting & Bookkeeping practices using AutoEntry each month


250k+ businesses use AutoEntry each month to help them use their time more efficiently


The number of financial documents we process each month

Where it all began: The Story of AutoEntry


The idea
Founder Brendan Woods had a conversation with an accountant who told him how much time was spent manually entering data. Surely there must be a better way? Brendan, a software developer, got to work on a solution.


Humble beginnings.
Brendan created the first iteration of AutoEntry and initial feedback was favourable.  Some chance meetings with some likeminded and talented people followed. They became AutoEntry's founding team.


The hallelujah phase.
The concept was sound, and by 2016 had two years of tweaking and improvements behind it. With the concept being proven as very commercially viable, the team build, release and go to market. It's an instant success.


The next level
AutoEntry's position as the best data capture solution in the market for Accountants and Bookkeepers and SMEs has been confirmed. The company continues strong growth and, in winter of 2019, AutoEntry is bought by Sage.

There’s a proverb that explains how AutoEntry came about: necessity is the mother of invention. 

Founder Brendan Woods had a water cooler chat with an accountant that sparked the idea for AutoEntry.

When the accountant described manual data entry, Brendan was surprised: Manually entering data? Trawling through invoices, receipts and bank statements and typing that information into accounting software? Surely this could be automated? 

So, the idea for AutoEntry was born. The idea was that one could outsource the laborious, monotonous work of data entry to automation; freeing accountants, business owners and bookkeepers to do something else with their working day. 

Now, five years later, AutoEntry is a successful multinational with offices in Dublin, London, Melbourne and Arizona. It was acquired by Sage in 2019, extending the company’s reach even further. 

Smart, accurate, automated.

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