Accountants & Bookkeepers

Leave the data entry to automation

Spend less time chasing and entering data, and more time building meaningful relationships with your clients.

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Benefits for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Taking the drudgery out of data

AutoEntry takes most of the labour out of data entry, freeing you to do other work.

Improved relationships with clients

Spend less time getting to trial balance and more time sharing your knowledge and insights.

Smart Analysis

AutoEntry remembers key details for ongoing work, including supplier account, nominal and tax codes you assign.

Automatic Publishing

AutoEnty will seamlessly and automatically publish on just about any accounting software.

Spend less time on data entry, more time with your clients.

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Benefits of AutoEntry

  • More accurate and more efficient than manual data entry.
  • AutoEntry makes it easier for your clients to share timely, accurate data with you.
  • Integrate AutoEntry with just about any other software.
A conceptual illustration showing how better data leads to better conversations.

Better data leads to better conversations

With less time spent on data entry and chasing documents, you’ll have more time to focus on analysis and relationships with clients.

Real time data will help you catch good news and bad news for your clients early on; whether that’s misfiling, good opportunities or something else. 

Integrate seamlessly

“AutoEntry could integrate seamlessly with our primary accounting solution. Implementation of the software was easy.”

Ian Startin, Business Services Manager, Nyman Libson Paul

AutoEntry App

Scan, snap and upload on the go

  • Upload your data - instead of scanner or email, take snaps!
  • A marvel for remote working - say goodbye to paper documents and receipts.
  • Simplify accounting - this app makes it easier to get data to accountants instantly and electronically.
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