Partner Programme

AutoEntry Partner Programme

The fastest way to capture, categorise and publish financial documents through to accounts software.

Benefits of the Partner Programme

Your clients are more likely to stay with you

We appreciate that client retention is one of the most important aspects of running any practice. ‍If your client is using the same apps and software as you, they're more likely to stay with you, especially if they're using a product as user-friendly and beneficial as AutoEntry.

Benefits in the form of credits

AutoEntry is already cost-effective and good value, but on the partner programme, the value proposition is even better. For every client that embraces AutoEntry, you will receive benefits in the form of AutoEntry credits. In fact, if enough clients are on the partner programme, you may end up using AutoEntry for free.

AutoEntry will provide marketing support

If all of your clients were on AutoEntry, your life and their lives would improve. And we want to help you get that message across to your customers. We will provide collateral about AutoEntry to help onboard new clients.

How it works

If you’re an accountancy firm with several clients, you can recommend that they use AutoEntry. On the partnership programme, you’ll be able to offer these clients a 50% discount for the first 6 months. We can help you explain and promote the concept of AutoEntry via email, webinars and even bespoke literature. Then you will receive numerous benefits, in several forms.

How we help partners

If you decide to partner with AutoEntry, you will benefit from each and every new client that comes on board. And to help accelerate this uptake, we can provide:

  • A dedicated account manager

  • Bespoke PDFs or other literature with your company’s branding

  • A webinar explaining the benefits of AutoEntry

  • Emails designed, written and created specifically for your client base

  • Additional help from AutoEntry staff on onboarding, queries and using the product

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