An intro to data entry automation

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Accounting and bookkeeping are amongst the oldest professions—and have some of the most outdated processes, too.

Entering data by hand is simply unnecessary in the modern world. Smart finance professionals are increasingly switching to software that automates the process.

Time spent on data entry can be reduced by up to 90%, while accuracy is increased. This can free-up time for a more customer-centric service. You’re free to put energy into growing your business, too.

In the pages of An Introduction to Data Entry Automation, you’ll learn about:

  • Revolutionary benefits of data entry automation for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners.
  • How to introduce data entry automation to existing accounting processes.
  • Introducing data entry automation to clients and also colleagues.
  • How other processes can be automated within accounting, outside data entry automation.

An extract from An Introduction to Data Entry Automation:

“Any automation you introduce can succeed only if it fits with your existing skills, organisation and processes.“

"Furthermore, it must align with whatever business model you may have now—and in the future.

"With the time freed up by automation, your practice may wish to examine added service offerings, such as outsourced bookkeeping and even finance director roles—something which is coming into focus with the rush towards MTD ITSA and the increased record-keeping requirements for businesses.

"In other words, whatever automation is introduced must be aligned with this direction of travel. This might involve planning beyond merely automating processes and could affect or even inspire bigger discussions.

“On a more practical level, you’ll need to ensure costs and time are set aside for things like training. There may need to be extra effort put into meetings to discuss the changes with staff.

“If the changes impact clients then this also needs to be factored in. Even if the changes are positive, clients may resent the sudden introduction of a different way or working or different expectations from you.

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