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The benefits for SMEs are big

Automated data entry is faster than any human

Manually entering data into your accounts software is slow. Manual data entry also means more time spent looking for lost documents or correcting mistakes.

With AutoEntry, you can automate your data, giving you more time to pursue more interesting or fruitful aspects of your business.

Mistakes slow you down at best, and at worst can cost you dearly

We all make mistakes. A typo is one thing, missing a decimal point is another thing entirely. Automation software never gets bored, never makes mistakes.

This reduction in errors helps you avoid professional embarrassment, reputational damage and loss of clients.

Get a clearer, faster overview of your accounts

Getting the correct data to your Accountant or Bookkeeper in good time will mean that you are receiving better advice when you really need it. Whether it’s a cost saving opportunity or a mistake avoided, the sooner you get that info, the better.

Find out good and bad news early, instead of weeks or even months too late.

Seamless integration with Sage Accounting

Capture, Categorise & Publish

AutoEntry captures the data from your invoices, receipts and bank statements; you categorise them and then publish them through to Sage Accounting software. 

This removes the grind, pain and hassle of manual data entry. 

  • Photograph, scan or email the documents 
  • Let AutoEntry do the data entry work for you
  • Publish results to Sage Accounting
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Standard extraction:
Purchase/sale invoices, receipts, bills.


With line Item extracted:
Purchase/sale invoices, receipts, bills, supplier statements.


Per page:
Bank or credit card statements.

“I use the reasoning if you can take a selfie and post it on Facebook, then you can use AutoEntry. It’s probably one of the most empowering updates to accounting software in the last decade or so.”

Sarah Gibb, Flow Works Bookkeeping and Consulting

Smart. Accurate. Automated.

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