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The fastest way to capture, categorize and publish your financial documents through to your accounts software.

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When your business is your passion, don’t let data entry get in the way.

How it works

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Capture, Categorize & Publish

AutoEntry captures the data from your invoices, receipts and bank statements; you categorize them and then publish them through to your accounting software or share with your accountant. 

This removes the grind, pain and hassle of manual data entry. 

  • Photograph, scan or email the documents 
  • Let AutoEntry do the data entry work for you
  • Publish results to accounting software

“AutoEntry has exceeded our expectations. It’s helped reduce the time taken to process paper documents by approximately 80 percent.”

Shelley Lingor, Director, GCT Technology & Accounting
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Shelley Lingor, Director, GCT Technology & Accounting

Benefits for Small/Medium Business

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Automated data entry is faster than any human

Manually entering data into your accounts software is slow. Manual data entry also means more time spent looking for lost documents or correcting mistakes.

With AutoEntry, you can automate your data, giving you more time to focus on supporting your customers and building your business.

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Mistakes slow you down at best, and at worst can cost you dearly

We all make mistakes. A typo is one thing, missing a decimal point is another thing entirely. Automation software never gets bored, never makes mistakes.

This reduction in errors helps you avoid professional embarrassment, reputational damage and loss of clients.

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Get a clearer overview of your accounts

Getting the correct data to your Accountant or Bookkeeper in good time will mean that you are receiving better advice when you really need it. Whether it’s a cost saving opportunity or a mistake avoided, the sooner you get that clarity, the better.

Find out good and bad news early, instead of weeks or even months too late.

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Benefits for Accountants & Bookkeepers

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Less paper, less manual data entry, better processes

AutoEntry ensures a smoother process from start to finish, as data entry, graft and even paper are drastically reduced.

AutoEntry improves how you work with your clients. This means far less time spent on the data collection and processing and a lot more time advising clients on their finances.

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The important information, when you need it

Catch good news and bad news early on; whether that’s misfiling, good opportunities or something else. Stop struggling to get to trial balance. No more waiting for tax deadlines or bad news to act!

AutoEntry allows you to give advice and information to your clients in a more timely manner.

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Faster and more accurate than manual data entry

Delegate the data entry to automation, making for a more efficient, accurate and lean workplace. 

Use the time to focus on more meaningful and fruitful work, whether that's advising clients, building your business or working on strategy.

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Better data and processes lead to better conversations 

With less time spent on data entry and chasing documents, you’ll have more time to focus on analysis and conversations with clients. 

These conversations are an opportunity for you to share your expertise and knowledge with clients.

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Smart, accurate, automated.
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