Small/medium business

Take the pain out of data entry.

Focus on what you love and what you’re good at, and not on time-consuming manual data entry.

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Solutions for SMEs

Automated data entry

Say goodbye to manually entering invoices, receipts or bank statements

More free time

A small business could spend up to an hour a day on manual data entry. What would you do with an extra hour a day?

Stop hoarding receipts!

AutoEntry means no more carrying around receipts. Instead, snap a pic and upload it to your software or accountant.

Easy to use

Simply snap, upload or email documents to your software or accountant. Admin has never been easier.

Say goodbye to manual data entry

You didn't start your business because you love paperwork. Let AutoEntry lighten the load.

  • Snap, email or upload your invoices, receipts and statements.
  • Send that data to your accountants or software of choice.
  • Integrate AutoEntry with just about any other software.

Why automate?

Embracing automation makes working life easier. Here's how.

  • Get your data entry done faster.
  • Enjoy more accurate accounting: automation doesn't get bored and make mistakes.
  • Go paperless! Say goodbye to reams of receipts and boxes of invoices.
Integrate seamlessly

“AutoEntry could integrate seamlessly with our primary accounting solution. Implementation of the software was easy.” 

Ian Startin, Business Services Manager, Nyman Libson Paul

AutoEntry app

Snap and submit on the go

  • Upload your data. Instead of email, or drag & drop, take snaps!
  • A marvel for remote working—say goodbye to paper documents and receipts.
  • Simplify accounting—the app makes it easier to get data to accountants instantly and electronically.
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Smart, accurate, automated.

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