Case Study

AutoEntry helps Clue fight crime (No, really!)

Joe Griffin
Joe Griffin

There are two vital resources in crime investigation: expertise and time.

Clue is a market leader in investigation case management and intelligence software. The company is a trusted service provider to the police, government bodies, non-profit and private organisations. 

AutoEntry, among other services, offers precious extra time by fast forwarding the data entry process.

By partnering with AutoEntry, financial investigators using Clue can:
√ Access an accurate and secure bank statement recognition solution, on-demand
√ Rapidly automate data entry from bank statements into Excel spreadsheets
√ Significantly reduce administrative burdens and spend more time on data analysis 

After running a trial, Clue found that using AutoEntry is:
√ Up to twenty times more efficient than entering data manually
√ Up to ten times more efficient than alternative solutions 

Revolutionizing the Investigation Process  

Crime scenes take many shapes, and Clue’s platform offers reporting, searching and analytics, to provide data-driven insights during investigations. Its powerful search and discovery functionality means investigators can undertake deep analysis without deferring to data specialists and specialist tools. 

Follow the Money: Working Smarter with Automation 

One of the earliest and most famous examples of fighting crime with data was the pursuit of Al Capone. The Chicago gangster went to prison not for murder or bootlegging but for tax evasion. In the fight against crime, the ledger is often the most powerful tool. 

It’s not without challenges, though: Financial investigators often need to process thousands of paper documents, namely bank statements, to analyze transactional data and uncover new lines of enquiry during cases. 

Manually typing up data was acutely inefficient, and alternative solutions often required some form of manual reconciliation. Therefore, Clue wanted to partner with a specialist solution provider to help investigators automate data entry from bank statements into Excel spreadsheets and into Clue. Inbuilt algorithms in Clue can then harness that data to uncover links between different information sources, including purchase history, location and bank accounts, to help build cases. 

Clue’s new partner, AutoEntry 

Clue ran a trial with AutoEntry and was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the software, which outperformed other industry solutions. 

Via its web or mobile app, AutoEntry enables users to capture information from scanned and photographed bank statements and export this data accurately into Excel or Clue. 

In cases of fraud, organised crime or money laundering, statements can often be issued from multiple banks worldwide. AutoEntry is able to seamlessly identify templates from different banks, enter the balance and check the totals without any manual input. 

With AutoEntry, converting data from paper bank statements has become up to twenty times more efficient than by hand, and up to ten times more efficient than alternative solutions. This means financial investigators can focus less time on paperwork and more time on higher value analytical work. 

Automation on Demand

As AutoEntry offers a flexible, pay-as-you-go billing system, clients are only changed for what they use. This means Clue’s clients can leverage AutoEntry on a case-by-case basis, without signing up to expensive fixed fees or restrictive monthly contracts. 

Connected Intelligence

AutoEntry forms part of the fast growing Clue Marketplace, where investigators can go to identify specialist technology that can plug into Clue. Clue will increasingly leverage specialist technology for social media, natural language chatbots, facial recognition, digital forensics, document management and more; to help clients work more efficiently through digital innovation. 

As with AutoEntry, Clue will use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect third party applications to its software; generating data-driven insights to keep its clients one step ahead of crime. 

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