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Self Assessment

The fastest way to capture, categorise and publish financial documents through to accounts software.

AutoEntry integrates seamlessly with accounting software

Better together—and easy to setup! It takes just a few minutes to connect AutoEntry with the following leading providers.

AutoEntry makes Self Assessment easy

  • Easy to use: Use our mobile app to snap the year's worth of invoices, receipts or statements, or scan and upload/email from the desktop

  • Accurate: Data is extracted from paperwork with up to 99% verified accuracy. Avoid mistakes that can lead to penalties from HMRC

  • Fast: With no need to manually input, you get the vital data in much less time thatn taken to type-in data manually

  • MTD-ready: Ensure your record keeping is 100% digital. Be tax confident

  • Referral programme: Accountants and bookkeepers can get credits or cashback on client usage, while also making it much easier to get vital accounting data from those clients.

Here is how AutoEntry works

AutoEntry captures the data from your invoices, receipts and bank statements. You categorise them and then publish them through to accounting software.

Why choose AutoEntry

AutoEntry's is built on the principle of fairness: we are committed to finding what works for our clients.

Pay only for what you use

Our monthly subscriptions are flexible and fair, and designed to work best for you. You pay only for the extractions you use.

All features for free

All AutoEntry subscription plans are identical in terms of features. We don’t hold anything back and want everybody to make the most out of AutoEntry.

Unlimited everything

All users get unlimited storage, users, and client companies (for accountants or bookkeepers). Plus, access to our highly-rated support makes moving to AutoEntry easy.

No contract. No hassle

All AutoEntry users sign-up to a monthly rolling subscription that they can cancel at any time (up to 24 hours before the monthly renewal).

What is Self Assessment?

Self Assessment is the system used by people who are self employed, or who have income to declare outside of their main work.
You must register with HMRC for Self Assessment, then complete a tax return each year by the 31 January online deadline, or 31 October if posting the tax return. The tax return details all your outgoings, know as expenses, and your income, know as earnigs. You must pay any tax due (and payment on account for next year) by 31 January, too.

“We consider AutoEntry to be a best-in-class data entry solution. Our clients use AutoEntry to accurately automate data entry from large batches of documents.”
Thomas Drohan
Commercial Director

Smart, accurate, automated.

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